As a Fine Arts major, I placed intense focus on studying the masters of traditional art. My favorite of all the studies is the Modernist movement of Cubism, practiced and perfected by such names as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and Juan Gris. Their combinations of geometrical line, shape, form and color gave me new perspectives on ordinary objects, new dimensions to try and capture with a brush or pen.

  • Bronco, 2011
  • Owl Series #1, 2016
  • Owl Series #2, 2016
  • Yellow Roses, 2017
  • Mare’s Embrace, 2002
  • Chagall’s Horses, 2002
  • The Dancers, 2002
  • Equine, 2002
  • Watercolor Collage, 2003
  • Concentrics, 2013
  • Atmos, 2003
  • Red Owl, 2005


These are simple drawings, random sketches and quirky doodles that I use to fill my myriad of sketchbooks.