Book Illustration

This has always been one of my favorite activities as a graphic designer. For each of the books listed, I worked closely with the authors to facilitate the development of the books’ characters, the page layouts, cover design, and publishing needs.

The Talking Bumblebee

Based on the idea that bumblebees are not supposed to be able to fly, but do anyway, Dr. Rodney J. Short wrote this delightful prose that encourages children to achieve the impossible, if they believe in themselves and try hard enough. This was my first endeavor into book illustration, and I am thrilled to have been a part of its production.

¡la Salsa!

Created by music therapist Sherri Ross, ¡la Salsa! is the tale of the coming together of musically talented animals to form a band. Each animal plays a specific instrument. The book is formatted to play along with a music CD, which gives the sound of each instrument upon certain cues given through the book.

If It’s Litter…

This book teaches young children about where to place litter and products that are no longer of use…in the trash bin.

Where Does Gum Go?

This story teaches children about how to properly dispose of their gum, and all the ways NOT to dispose of it!

The Jalapeño Seed

This highly-stylized children’s book shows a family and community coming together, by harvesting a very large, ripe jalapeño.

Keeping My Town Beautiful

This book also helps children understand how we can work together to keep our local environments clean and enjoyable for our community.

Book Sets

While employed at RonJon Publishing, we had several industries approach us in the redevelopment and rebranding of their instructional book sets. Here are two book sets which I helped develop from concept to fulfillment. My responsibilities on these projects included conceptual redesign and production of page layouts, cover design, conducting searches for stock photography, technical illustrations of projects, and ensuring quality print production.


IMaST (Integrate Math, Science, and Technology) was a 16-module set of workbooks developed for middle school students (grades 6-8). These also included companion teacher workbooks, which led to the production of 32 workbooks in total.



The Society for Plastics Engineers produces a myriad of articles from multiple engineering sources across the nation. These articles are shared amongst fellow plastics engineers for learning achievements, key insights, and revolutionary techniques.

Self-Publishing Books

In my experience with self-publishers, I was tasked with providing page layout and a unique cover design for each book. These are some examples of book covers that I helped to produce.

Brochures, Programs, Flyers and Posters

These are a myriad of informational brochures, event programs, and posters that I assisted in creating.

Brochures & Newsletters