Web Design & Development

The progress of our technology also brings opportunity to those of us who understand it. Most businesses now have websites. All websites constantly need maintenance, ranging from minor text and image editing to full-scale renovation. My skills in web development have become a major asset in my trade. Some of my web capabilities are:

  • HTML and CSS coding
  • rendering of digital images for webpages
  • website conceptual development (using Photoshop and Illustrator)
  • javascript manipulation
  • linking plugins and widgets to proper online channels
  • set standards for fonts, colors, images and icons
  • search for appropriate stock photography

Email Campaigns

Some components of email marketing campaigns that I assist with are:

  • build conceptual design
  • establish layout elements: fonts, colors, image types, hero/banner sizes
  • export media rendered to upload for emails
  • build email templates (HTML)
  • import template codes to email campaign sites online (ExactTarget and SendGrid)
  • test-send email campaigns to respective account reps for approval
  • test-send email campaign to litmus.com to test against the available email reading software (Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, etc.)
  • upload email recipient lists
  • execute send of email campaign on schedule

Email Sample 1 Email Sample 2

Sample Documents

Click on a link to download a sample document.